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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Animation Sequence of my Film the Self Deface

This is one of  animation sequence i did  for my film i did during my college time. Good old days <3.I will start animating something today .

Few watercolour paintings i have done



Monday, April 5, 2010

The erroneous

Dear diary,

I am suffering from terrible mood swings lately . Rajiv Chowk metro station is so noisy & crowdy. I hate noise.I hate it! I always feel that I'm being watched ..Big eyes , small eyes ... So many eyes all over ... I hate them...These eyes haunt me ...They pierce deep inside my heart & remind me off the "Big Bad World". I just wanted that my mother's eyes would be the best from the rest..& then I strangled Sidhha  , i mean  my girlfriend , as she had more prettier eyes than my mother. She loved me so much just like my mother. But that night..yes that was the night, i saw her glowing eyes under the moonlight....I hated her from that time, how can she ever match my mother's eyes...huh....The question lies where shall i throw her body ? Should i drop it in the place where i dropped my neighbor's body? By the way , i still remember when i was ,in the last year of my college,my neighbor Nisha was at a party with me.  She tried to flirt with me with her blue eyes, lined with black mascara , big eye lashes . Although i tried to restrain myself ; by asking her " Are you wearing contact lenses?" She denied & said that i noticed her Pretty eyes, after, such a long time.. REAL BLUE EYES . How dare she?I took her to my room and strangled her . She looked so good without eyes , damn hot.. But she irritated me by screaming . I hate noisy ones , so i wasted her.Threw her in my apartment's garage , hehe, the HAUNTED garage, people are so afraid to get inside it . Alright, I'm Ravi , the best poker player in town , The best hide & seek player, my mum says.. & i Certainly have to maintain my status . I have to play my cards right. I certainly have to say the two golden words i always say 'AAICCE PAAIECE' & then waste the AAICCE oops eyes..& then turn them into PAAICES , pieces .
I'm the best son of my mommy...Yeah i look best with my mommy.. 

Love you diary 
P.S .Felt so warm writing it, not following the usual format.. Ahh love it....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Greens

"Hey mom , do i look green enough today??All my girls in the school are using this 'GREENess' cream these days. Amy says 'its in' .. Damn!!!these Greens have a blessed complexion.. Sucks to be a White... grr!"
These were the words of a new age white , whose parents were posh, high nose whites , few decades before....
Perturbed by the dissatisfaction & sadness of their only daughter , they went from pillar to post to make their pampered  daughter Green. Unfortunately nothing green happened....
"The American pop star Fichael Lackson took surgeries & drugs to become Green & is currently facing many health related problems as a side effect for the same."
                                                                                                        New York Times , 16, December ,2050                              

"Momma i hate these hamburgers , gimme some GREENIES to eat"
This was a stereotype yell of a pre-school kid to his mother , to show his obvious tantrums for home cooked food.
Apparantly his mother during her pre- school times used to yell to her mother for hamburgers instead of GREENies...

" A  young, beautiful , well educated ,Green  ,Hindu ,  Brahmin bride between 23-26 needed for a well educated  Green groom"
                                                                                                       Indian Express , 10 January , 2050

From Playboy's latest models to literary articles to Jesus to Krishna , GREENs have conquered anything & everything .Greenica has emerged as the latest superpower country.
Alright Let me throw some light to the Green history. It all started with few aliens who were totally humanoid , one can say exact replica of human beings but with slightly big heads & offcourse ,Green skin colour.
For the greed of few human beings for outer space sophisticated & costly technology  , they have elevated the standards of the Greens.
After all money is also Green.
This Racial Discrimination among the Greens & the humans is creating hell lot of problems.
I say what is the use of  this discrimination on the basis of , just skin colour. Are we too dumb to realize this & giving few Green  aliens our rights to success & failure ? Are we becoming their totipotent slaves??..Are we too lost, pacing towards greed of acquiring new technology oriented machines...  ??Why Green signal is always the right signal???

( NOTE: Readers ,  this is not serious stuff.. don't start painting your faces, green & make hulk your god ,  after this article of mine as it was all cooked up greenly & meanly by me . Don't kill me for putting  few intended  religious aberrations . Well this idea emerged in my head,  as i was admiring my new green dress . I love it Damn! )

Monday, October 19, 2009

everything or nothing

Hmm..... Sometimes writing about your feelings is so difficult , as many people say " We shouldn't show our true colours to anyone & everyone"... It may startle many of us ,but some of us really do that. I do that , to save my arse from getting kicked from any teacher or client or a friend whom i don't want to lose , I know arse kicking phenomenon is very philosophical.. Ahh nevermind!.. In the end , I think , Was it really necessary???
I've become a dweeb these days , i talk big & don't work at all . I don't blame anyone for that as i'm my own worst enemy.
I've very less time left to master something , very less time to love , very less time to reach my love , very less time to progress rapidly , very less time to flaunt.....

Very Less time to do everything & nothing....

When i start daydreaming, I'm much of everything & if i start thinking practically
I'm much of nothing..........

So should I think everything or nothing ???

Monday, July 13, 2009

Eye Love you Equally ( The Self Deface)

Eye Love you Equally

Long long ago , before we can think of anything , the idea of evolution can be only stated by few postulations& also by scientists & philosophers .Well, I'm not a philosopher neither a scientist , neither a big brain but one may say I'm an illusionist , in the sense being an aspiring artist i have illusions about life& I'm proud of it.

Sun Which is the main form of energy was earlier an Eye,You heard it right an Eye mighty , bright ,spreading light & warmth all around . Due to a love relationship between gravity & sun , they gave birth to 9 or 10 celestial eyes, {presently called the planetsthe nine or ten planets which are revolving around the old sun}. There was something beautiful in one of the new born celestial eyes of sun ,it was earth's eye, beatiful , curious , enigmatic & unique . Eye Sun discovered there was something unique in this kid so it asked the Eye earth to ask for a wish . The eye earth wanted to be big n round and more versatile which will bear more other eyes in it , so it turned out to be a large round object which totally depended on Eye Sun(father) & (Mother) gravity . It'd be quite wrong of a father being bias ,so he granted all the wishes of other celestial eyes & also his beloved Gravity .So Gravity became something which will hold her family together ,just like a mother's contribution in binding the family. Likewise,Eye sun had a complete makeover. All Hail to the love , power , progressive mind & generosity of Sun .

Now Earth was filled with many many many many Eyes . So sun saw different kinds of eyes . To his amazement , he understood that there is a possibility of so many variations . Infact he was proud of it, indeed!
So Sun Devised another way to enjoy his creative desires . He granted a wish to all the other eyes in earth that they'll be transformed in a form on the basis of their personality characteristics .
Let me cite few examples to explain the concept , one may say another stereotypical illusion , none the less , Eye love it ,
So here it goes, the Eye with curiosity , progressive & constructive character became Homo Sapien . The eye which liked to do flatus and urinate on others ,yet gracefully ,became the present day clouds.
The eye which was helpful & liked to stay in one place & meditate became the trees .Likewise many of the eyes were granted a different body to express their characteristic in an open manner.
So i can easily say , I's an outcome of a mere experiment of Almighty sun . Like there is always a flip side of an experiment , yes there was one flip side , which was selfish & way too progressive mind , yes thats us.
We are killing our off springs ,Trees , to fulfill our material & extravagant desires . So my question to all of you is that ... Are we too lost in development that we forget that we were a result of an experiment ,
which may or may not be again made to destroy or turn against us in the form of global warming . You people expect communism , why cannot be it ecological communism??
Is it too hard to attain it????